Holo is a 5-piece, progressive metal act hailing from Cape Town, South Africa looking to share their take on music with and contribute towards building the local metal scene.
The band name ‘Holo’ was chosen (pronounced as, and a play on the word, ‘Hollow’) being a contraction of the term Holomovement, as posited by Dr. David Bohm which, in quantum mechanics, describes the nature of the cosmos as a seamlessly unified field of motion; an undivided wholeness in flux.
This is particularly relevant to Holo’s song writing process and lyrical composition where various genres, not limited to metal, are unforcedly fused into each track with the intention of sending the listener on a sonic journey through various soundscapes.
The resulting sound of Holo’s music can be classified progressive modern metal with elements of death metal, black metal, metalcore, post-hardcore, jazz, post-metal with a sprinkling of tech-death, doom and shoe-gaze.

Dylan Maeder

Remé Marshall
Guitar & Backing Vocals

Wessel Venter

Craig Victor

Aidan Kruger